Trevor Jahner

Artist & designer working in hybrids of digital/physical publishing & fine art.



Luke Warren

Monograph for Warren's work following it’s feminist cues. Low contrast collapse of foreground into background, content as context, non-platonic shapes, fetishized noise, desktop publishing & magazine as book.

8˝× 12˝, 76 pages digitally printed & matte fused to uncoated paper.

Process book

Book of sketches, writings, studies, research and work produced from September 2018 to March of 2019.

9˝× 12˝, 142 pages digitally printed on uncoated paper.

Contradiction & Absurdity in Sustainable Art

Book of works by sculptor Jeff Scofield. Each project was hand bound into one of 20 booklets and included in an accordion folder with laser cut covers.

12˝× 11.75˝, 180 pages digitally printed and matte-fused on uncoated paper.